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Hello, I am Kelly Morin

Full-Stack Web Developer

As a former social media manager, I’m no stranger to adapting to rapidly changing technology and am invigorated by the challenge of consistently evaluating how a new tool or feature may create opportunities to transform how a challenge is addressed. My unique ability to identify opportunities to extend solutions beyond one business unit or discipline became my hallmark in many previous roles. More seasoned problem solvers from across the organization helped me appreciate the power of deploying the right tools in the right way to tackle complex business problems.

As my skills began to grow, so did my passion for the technology driving it all. When I discovered web development, I could not imagine doing anything else for the remainder of my career. During my time at NSS, I’m not only gaining the technical skills needed to solve the problems I’m faced with. More importantly, I’m learning how to channel my natural curiosity into business changing solutions to everyday challenges.

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